Brunswick - Nearby Accommodations

I haven't stayed at any of these places, so can not vouch for their quality.

Brunswick - 1 mile away on Souder Rd.
Oak Tree Inn (website) 620 Souder Rd. 301-834-9151

Knoxville - 5 miles away, west on US 340
Hillside Hotel 19105 Keep Tryst Rd. 301-834-8144

Jefferson - 5 miles away, north on US 340
Jefferson Motel 4029 Jefferson Pike 301-473-5711

Lucketts - 10 miles away, south on US 15
Little Rock Motel 14880 James Monroe Hwy. (US 15) 703-777-3499

There are also many places in Harpers Ferry, WV (10 miles away), Frederick, MD (15 miles away), and Leesburg, VA (15 miles away).

For some cheaper alternatives there is a hostel in Knoxville (Harpers Ferry AYH Hostel, Sandyhook Rd., 301-834-7652, on the Appalachian Trail) and a campground in Brunswick (Brunswick Family Campground, C & O Towpath, 301-834-8050).

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